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Our Work Plans

Our Planning

Work Plan

Daily Plan :

  1. All ashtrays will be emptied l and cleaned leaving a clean, dry, and bright finish.
  2. All waste bins will be l emptied and vacuum 1 cleaner. Garbage bags will
  3. be replaced.
  4. Sweep roads, walking paths, areas in front of entrances.
  5. All door handles will be cleaned inside and outside.
  6. All stairways will be cleaned.
  7. Stairway banisters will be cleaned.
  8. All entrance areas will be cleaned.
  9. Entrance doors and glass partitions will be cleaned.
  10. All desks and chairs will be cleaned.
  11. All excess waste will be removed and placed in the designated area.
  12. All hard floor surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned paying particular attention to corners and edges using a dust control mop.
  13. All surfaces should be washed with a suitable cleaning solution.
  14. All carpeted floor surfaces will be vacuumed efficiently using an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  15. The table will be cleaned daily using a furniture polish or glass cleaner as required.
  16. Clean outside nameplates.

Weekly Plan :

  1. All carpeted areas will be spot cleaned using specialized chemicals appropriate to the type of stain to be removed.
  2. All window blinds will be dusted.
  3. All waste receptacles will be cleaned, washed, dried, and replaced in the proper places.
  4. All furniture, fixtures, and fittings will be cleaned thoroughly using to most efficient methods.
  5. Using static mops thoroughly dust high levels.
  6. Wash water fountains thoroughly.
  7. Wash car park floors and walk paths.
  8. Clean all windows/ frames externally.

Monthly Plan

  1. All washable wall surfaces up to 2 meters in height will be spot cleaned, using appropriate specialized chemicals to remove stains/marks.
  2. All internal window panes and associated frames will be cleaned using the appropriate chemicals to render a shining, smear-free finish.

Quarterly Plan

  1. Thoroughly scrub all hard floor surfaces using suitable detergent and polish as necessary.
  2. washing carpets thoroughly, to remove the bad odors.
  3. Washing and disinfecting water tanks.