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Job Specification

Our Job Specification

Job specifications are qualifications needed by an employee to perform a specific job. Often job specs descriptions overlap or are combined. Keeping the job specs separate from the description makes it easier to deal with.


With the needed of the organization during the recruiting process, the specs should be used for :

Job Specification
  1. Information source for placing recruiting advertisements.
  2. A means of screening out those who are either too highly qualified or not qualified.
  3. Establishing the educational level needed to perform the job.
  4. Establishing the experience or special training needed to perform the job. It is important that the above specifications not discriminate against anyone on the basis of Race, Sex, Religion, or national origin. A general guideline, to use to avoid discrimination problems is to be sure that the specification is truly needed before making it a requirement for the job.

Certain job specs requirements are fairly easy to measure while other Qualifications may be important but difficult to judge for instance education, experience §age is all definite easy to describe criteria. Personality traits such as {experience in the field of public relations and be a good personality).

The following sample standard job specs are typical of the kind of information that would usually be provided for a line employee. Management job specs would have greater detail, especially in the education experience categories.


Thoroughly clean and sanitize all-porcelain fittings (i.e. urinals, W/C bidets, hand basins, sinks, and showers}.