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Al Dalla Cleaning & Trading

We are pleased to introduce a brief description of our company and the services we are providing. These services are a product of seventeen years of experience in the field of housekeeping, cleaning, and pest control. Moreover, we have as a specialized Qatari company, the financial and technical ability in our field; we are currently providing housekeeping and cleaning services to more than 70 projects.

we are putting our experience in your hands, ensuring our commitment to providing the highest quality. Our hope is for this briefing to be up to your expectations and to open up a new path of co-operation between us to provide you with our special services within the highest international specifications in the above-mentioned fields and within a well-studied price that is adequate to your needs. Our aim is to save your time and effort to run your business without thinking of administrating the employee's services.

Al Dalla Cleaning and Trading Company is a 100% Qatari National Company based in Doha - Qatar and has successfully proceeded in Doha in the field of cleaning, housekeeping, hospitality, and pest control.

Al Dalla Cleaning and Trading Company produces very specialized and professional services to its clients and that successfully gives the company an excellent reputation which appeared by the confidence of its clients.

Al Dalla Cleaning and Trading Company has expanded its services to include most of the government, public and private sector, and has the commitment for development and produce a very professional performance to the clients through a very well trained staff whom we continuously send them on up-to-date training.

Al Dallah Cleaning and Trading Company has completed and currently executing various projects which we are attaching a list of these projects.